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You are invited to join us on August 2nd 3rd and 4th

Family Mace and Friends,

You and your entourage are invited to the 2019’s dinner and gathering! We will be meeting and setting up camp on August 2nd. Weekend group meals include Saturday breakfast, lunch and family dinner. Friday evening dinner plans are developing and might include a meal at the Pine Creek Cookhouse. Please let us know if you would be interested in joining us at Pine Creek so we can request a seating.

Saturday afternoon’s Family Dinner is the big event again, and we hope to see you there even if you can’t make it the rest of the weekend. Please shoot me an email or a phone call and RSVP with the number of people and whether you will be camping or not. If you are interested in helping with food, please let Alana know. Saturday morning hikes will take off around 10am after breakfast and sack lunches are packed.

We will probably not be visiting the Mace Hut this year due to the incredible snow year and unprecedented avalanche activity. I have included a few photos of the current situation. The Hut was hit by and avalanche and is currently under about 25 feet of snow. Amos and a friend dug to the peak of the roof and opened the top shutters a week ago to confirm it is still intact. They do not expect that the road to the hut will open this year due to all of the downed timber from multiple avalanches.


   Friday – August 2nd

Gather in the afternoon to set up camp. Possible dinner at The Pine Creek Cookhouse (please RSVP interest).

Saturday – August 3rd

Breakfast, Sack Lunch, Hiking, Games and R&R at Toklat Pond,

Evening Entertainment and Happy Hour starting a 4pm, Family Dinner around 6:30pm.

Sunday – August 4th

Breakfast, Toklat Clean Up and Break Camp.

Questions? Call Alana at 720.301.3840 or email me at

Love you! See you soon,